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The strong evidence of remote viewing is discussed in this conversation with physicist Garret Moddel.

Comment from : metaRising

are psychic abilities real? NO.. done.
Comment from : xpez

Major Graham
Dr. Steve Brule Check it Out!!!
Comment from : Major Graham

Ian W
Hmm..as usual comments full of wiseguys and wisecracks. Shut up, humble yourselves, and just fucking listen. Otherwise we all don't stand a chance of survival
Comment from : Ian W

lynn johnson
U can ask a unknown question out loud repeatedly, eventually u say the answer out loud , thats chanting. ,also u can communicate with lighting storms, for they communicate globally to each other present storms ,if u know how to stimulate electrical magnetic energy around u while a thunderstorm presently above u ,, 72/out of 72 times was successfull ,making it like u said numerous evidence accumulated to confirm it ,,,,my grandfather created electronic fog and. Sold idea thru Churchill to the British navy (blue) and the Philidephia experiment is greatly exaggerated
Comment from : lynn johnson

Tom Morrissey
Deuteronomy 18:9-12 ESV / 64 helpful votesHelpful Not Helpful

“When you come into the land that the Lordyour God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lordyour God is driving them out before you.

Comment from : Tom Morrissey

Dale Smart
The telepathic Druids were captured by the Romans and used to protect the Empires leaders. They could read the thoughts and warn in advance of any threats towards Rome. They were as near, as advanced as Moses , who commanded a million locusts to fly to Pharaohs corn fields and eat all the crop, from his land. These Druids used staffs like Moses to charge the Earths energy lines.
Comment from : Dale Smart

jon hamm
GOOD NEW EVERYBODY!!! Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth lives!!!!
Comment from : jon hamm

David Brown
Its easy to train your intuition using a deck of cards or a coin
Comment from : David Brown

Dirk Knight
I keep seeing all these "banned" videos that have been on YouTube for years. :-)
Comment from : Dirk Knight

Massimo Morroni
Comment from : Massimo Morroni

Do they have the same app for android?
Comment from : nematoad

Weeding A Loud
I’ve had so many instances of deja-vue.I truly believe in telepathic knowledge transference.
Comment from : Weeding A Loud

There is a CIA released document that explains the way people can do what he is talking about.
Comment from : TBD

I’m here because I know the government lies about all kinds of things.
Comment from : TBD

kagiso Calvin Ramz
School system and status quo destroys those mental abilities in children at a young age
Comment from : kagiso Calvin Ramz

Saint Jackula
So do remote viewers who are near-sighted IRL have any problems with their "vision" when remote viewing? Or what if a person COULD remote view, but their remote vision was blurry.....do they make remote-vision glasses to correct that? How does that work? Also, are there any remote viewer experts that DO NOT have a book for sale or some monetary stake in remote viewing?
Comment from : Saint Jackula

you have to have insight to the conspiracy to know things like how the Malaysian airline disappeared , the Russians were testing the star wars program controlling the so called international space station which was also armed with nuclear weapons , and that is why NASA sent a probe up there to inspect and then followed by another mission to disarm the damn thing as America was being set up for destruction also involves 911 where those buildings were taken out by explosives , we have some really stupid people in the federal government living in an illusion of Democracy or any United States , Huh Putin .. all you can say is you cannot trust the corporate news network they control to control the minds of the populous , its like why the fuck did America invade Afghanistan where they had nothing to do with 911 killing innocent people who were only confused by the invasion trying to protect their own culture , and that is just how stupid most Americans are ... fools , why on earth would NASA build a space station and hand it over to the Russians ? and fuck the Russians wanted someone as stupid as Trump as president , he is a fool, watch the video Secret Society Speech given by JFK and you wonder why he was assassinated ? He was the last true American President , not that Obama was all that bad he was just a fool handed the great recession orchestrated by George Bush and the New World Order.. And what happened in recession ? the Corporations took over and that is why the stock market accelerated from 9000 to 27000 in the Dow Jones Industrial average , so tell me it isn't so there is such a thing as conspiracy wanted to enslave our people in corporate communism.. Rain on the Scarecrow Blood on the Plow John Cougar Mellencamp
Comment from : DrFruedienslipJr

Funny guy. Interesting talk. Love TED talk
Comment from : Anonymous

Where do i go< when I go? Where ever i want and it ain't here. There are so much better worlds to goto.
Comment from : Sasquatch

Tobin Jackson
For your health!!
Comment from : Tobin Jackson

Mark Derksen
LMAO guess the anonmyous board of devil worshippers didnt want people knowing about this. You know, for your own protection
Comment from : Mark Derksen

Andrew Ryznar
Real life brules rules here
Comment from : Andrew Ryznar

Mr. Sanders
Dr. Strangelove really lost his accent
Comment from : Mr. Sanders

Donald Williams
Yes. ESP is real
Comment from : Donald Williams

Peaceful Hooligan
It's so banned that it's been on YouTube for over 2 years!
Comment from : Peaceful Hooligan

MsAgnostica Goes Quantum
Let's rename psychic abilities to quantum abilities. That is easier for people with lesser open minds to accept.
Comment from : MsAgnostica Goes Quantum

Censorship is wrong. I dont care if they decided they thought this guy was kinda woo woo or not. I'm a big believer in letting people make up their own minds.

Richard Poulson
Comment from : Richard Poulson

Rob Palmer
Absolute BS


Comment from : Rob Palmer

Richard Poulson
sounds like you live in a bubble of bullshit...
Comment from : Richard Poulson

Richard Poulson
With 26 years experience, maybe you can tell us the whereabouts of Flight MH370?

You worked for NASA, that gives me no assurance whatsoever, as NASA claim man has been to the moon, which we all know is complete rubbish.

MH370??? 9/11???

Any ideas?

Comment from : Richard Poulson

If it's true, those same experiments could also be conducted just as easily outside of governments and military, by volunteer groups and subjects, and they could be monitored under public gaze and the results published. Yet we have no such solid research or Whitepapers on it.

The James Randi Institute had their famous million dollar reward for anyone who could demonstrate such abilities in controlled conditions, so I'm pretty sure that at least one of those many 'remote viewers' would have been pleased to pick up that prize ( and the others that were/are also on offer) but yet again nothing
I call bunkum .

Comment from : NowForTheTruth

can see the future? Can I get this weeks winning lotto numbers?
Comment from : blake102989

jason lu
Russel Targ take the James Randi challenge. If you win. You know how much credit you would get? The great James Randi pulled off one of the greatest pranks in the world. tricks are kids. Lets see how great your psychic abilities are when they are in a controlled exam.
Comment from : jason lu

jason lu
what the hell is this geriatric idiot talking about. In science, Proof is ability to reproduce theories by multiple different controlled condition in different labs or research centers everywhere. If I claim I could cure Aids, and I gave you the formula for curing aids to the public, and when they try to reproduce the same effects that you said you could. And they can't guess what. Your proof ain't worth squat. You wanna prove psychics abilities and the supernatural exist, go for james randi challenge. For over more than 50 years, NO ONE and i mean NO ONE has ever successfully beaten it. Til one day someone beats that test. The supernatural and psychics are just things in story books. That includes most religion, gods, ghosts, hell even the stupid ancient alien theory.
Comment from : jason lu

Damn John C. Reilly didn't age well..
Comment from : TT PP

Dan Radu
Comment from : Dan Radu

Bald Wombat
I love all the negative comments... Those who don't understand/believe in psychic abilities or things like remote viewing love to make fun of people who do... Perhaps the best evidence that they are real is the MIC and intelligence community's intense and long standing interest in them, as discussed here. . Their involvement in this field is undeniable.

Those who make fun and mock talk of psychic abilities think they are so smart, yet they are just sprouting bullshit ideas and logical, but erroneous thinking. They show themselves to be very closed minded or show that their minds have been successfully controlled to believe a false understanding of the world.

Our program of misinformation will be complete when everything the public believes is false - William Casey, as the director of the CIA.

Comment from : Bald Wombat

Claudia Osorio
... did the app, read I might be useful for Vegas 🙃
Comment from : Claudia Osorio

Angael Tartar Rose
i have had a single direct personal experience with remote viewing, & simultaneous time warp.
Comment from : Angael Tartar Rose

Hey man, wow ,that's wild. It could all be true. Then again it could all be bollocks to promote the book he wrote about being in the CIA and filing stuff for 40 years I mean all the crazy stuff he says he did. Why ever would I thinik he just put away files, there must be something wrong with me.
Comment from : Silverhand290

Barry Alan
Comment from : Barry Alan

adam weightman
Thank you Doctor Steve Brule.
Comment from : adam weightman

Drigori Ikamura
None of this made sense to me, everything was too vague, too general, too many personal stories with too much room for interpretation, but if they did for real get funding for 20+ years of research, I guess that's an accomplishment.
Comment from : Drigori Ikamura

Years from now he'll open an intergalactic parcel delivery service... and do horribly.
Comment from : odinsmeadhorn

Ryan Wright
Am i the only one that watched this the whole time to see what the object he had in his pocket was?
Comment from : Ryan Wright

Zulu Man
The dogon
Comment from : Zulu Man

Ace Combatter
Why was NASA interested in funding remote viewing?
Comment from : Ace Combatter

Phillip Ruiz
Through meditation I have been able to have amazing experiences. One time I was able to remote view a spirit in another room in my home that was going towards my mother who was in another room. I was so scared so I prayed to God and out of no where a green matrix hand took the dark spirit and put it on a cliff far away. Suddenly It jumped off the cliff and I instinctively caught it with my matrix hand that materialized out of nowhere and I gently put the spirit back on the cliffs edge. I was like wtf just happened and I wrote down my experience on my notes (I phone app) on my phone. I called the dark spirit Zor ( for some odd reason ) and I looked it up on Google and after some research I saw the same scenario in a ancient summerian painting, where a spirit was given a choice to jump off the cliff into the water or go back down the hill to the fate of the demon dogs so it jumped into the water. I found this in a remote (no pun) smiththonian archive and then my note was deleted on my phone suddenly (probably the CIA) 😂 lol crazy stuff, listen .... this is suppressed knowledge. Meditation has helped me have OBEs(outer body experiences), Astral projection, remote viewing and this experience. I have adopted a Taoistic philosophy due to my experiences. Like water I just am. I appreciate the now and I just am “humble” and in the moment. Life is so priceless that I have no choice but to be infinitely grateful to God for each moment. No matter how bad it seems at times, Just be grateful and be humble. God Bless!🙏❤️🙏 Peace and Love.
Comment from : Phillip Ruiz

m. beanfliquor
Will somebody get this poor man a fucking chair already?
Comment from : m. beanfliquor

Do they have ESP Trainer for PC?
Comment from : wetlazer

Yeah that’s totally a Ted stage.
Comment from : Mike

Pablo Cruz
James Randy verfied? He could win 1 mill usd
Comment from : Pablo Cruz

Dexter J
So why are you doing a ted talk then? Go get that James Randi million!
Comment from : Dexter J

Eunice Lobb
What a load of crystal balls.
Comment from : Eunice Lobb

Jonas Grumby
Comment from : Jonas Grumby

some body
ESP and other mind attributable traits are simply the result of some people , with their consciousness, being in tune with the consciousness field that is all around us.
Comment from : some body

30 years ago one of my roommates who was mentally unstable was missing for a few days. His friends searched everywhere. My mom came over one night and we all had sort of seance. Mom suddenly blurted out "I see woods and train tracks that end". Next morning I shot outta bed and with no conscious thought got on my bike, drove through a path in the woods where R/R track disappeared under the weeds. Continued straight to a bay of water and came on right to him laying in the water where the tide previously concealed him from his close friends finding him. I believe I was ment to find him rather than his friends because I probably could handle it emotionally better than they might have. He had taken a bunch of sleeping pills and laid in the water to be double sure of his demise. That much he had told my other roommate he was gonna do and probably feels horrible about not acting more on that threat. Unconscious knowledge drove me right to him. ESP is a tool with unlimited usage!
Comment from : UberLummox

Paul Dawson
Is there anyone who hasn't felt some form of esp ?
" A gut feeling " a premonition .
Such as how a mother can sense her children's distress across vast distances.
Esp is real .
Scammers take advantage and give esp a sketchy reputation.

Comment from : Paul Dawson

A k
if it was true..why didn't he prove it right there on the stage? "okay whats in my left pocket?" - "what does my house look like?" or something like that..way more convincing than telling a lot of cool stories and writing a book
Comment from : A k

Bat Man
wasn't there a thing where the government hosted this thing where they brought in over 200 people who claimed they had these powers and they all turned out fake?
Comment from : Bat Man

Maple Leafs
Comment from : Maple Leafs

ive had some experiences with it not anything recent but i used to dream perfect detail of something id end up seeing with exact perspective of where i am in the dream, its trippy and interesting
Comment from : koolerpure

Wally C
You said distance is not a factor so have you tried to remote view aliens millions or billions of light years away?
Comment from : Wally C

Bill b
Witches and warlocks
Comment from : Bill b

Hope it wasn't a faulty eye laser surgery experiment. If a laser beam hit them someone on the other side of the room would have open heart surgery.

Seriously. Love this man and fascinated by this subject and Ingo Swann. Had multiple psychic experiences though out my life with multiple confirmations.

Comment from : Problembeing

Kevinator _
so he basically made the real  laser from the movie real genius ......nice
Comment from : Kevinator _

Stuey Rae
I'm kind of conflicted on the existence of full paranormal ESP. Now I'm a nurse and as such I have generally a higher than average emotional intelligence and empathy. So yes, I do get physical manifestations of those around me. But you also get dumped with every possible negative energy going. These gifts can be very dangerous if not kept in check and used appropriately. I think if a lot of people had that extra dimension of communication with other people they wouldn't really like what they actually get. I've always felt quite sensetive and have had a couple of unexplainable experiences, I'd still personally suppress any possible gifts of this nature fully... Some doors should always have the chain on lol
Comment from : Stuey Rae

Martyn Whittaker
Comment from : Martyn Whittaker

João Santos
No! Next question.
Comment from : João Santos

This is like a banned book but with visuals and sound.
Comment from : eurosonly

Cesar Santellana
"Hardcore laser guy"? Oh shit!
Comment from : Cesar Santellana

Danyel Pullen
I experience this all the time, man. It's real!
Comment from : Danyel Pullen

Björn Schneider
He's nearly blind, his glasses give you a hint. I wonder if this unfortunate impairment influences or motivtes his "research".
Comment from : Björn Schneider

Lee Dile
Ive went into the future in my dreams, then days and years later it plays out exactly as my dreams. Ive seen the great snatching away twice this year, its so vivid and so sureal unlike a dream as im really there, and when i come too, i find myself in the middle of doing something or setting down. And ive definitely on several occasions left my body unintentionally and went to places ive never been and im able to describe everything which ive proven to a couple people. I can even close my eyes and see like a movie playing with dark tint and find myself traveling roads ive never been on before. I do wonder if this is due to me being severly ill as an infant with several medical problems, as i also was born breache upside down and feet first, maybe thats why im left handed. Also i always see numbers in my head and configurations of shapes and forms. I know this all sounds crazy, but its all connected somehow, yet i dont know why?
Comment from : Lee Dile

Anil Kumar
The story of mahabharata introduces us to Sanjay the charioteer of the blind kind Dritharastra who does remote viewing sitting in hastinapur inside his palace and giving the king a real time description of the war.
Comment from : Anil Kumar

Thomas Wepfer
People who claim that magic is real are just con men. They are just out to steal people's money.
Comment from : Thomas Wepfer

Richmond Manga
a ted talk without the ted talk logo or ted talk red carpet. Yeaaaahhhhh
Comment from : Richmond Manga

Just loving the amount of classified info.
Comment from : fxchannelhouse

Jérôme Chauvet
I knew I would stumble on such a video eventually...
Comment from : Jérôme Chauvet

JoJo B.
We are conscious in the living/physical form. Reality (this World) is just one phase.
That's why we have bodies. A vehicle for our conscious to traverse and navigate through the physical World.
And again, we are all one. So we can't move on to the next phase until we drop our egos as a whole. Until we are one and all on the same page. And so we will keep on coming back here until we achieve that one common goal. Until we finished our jobs. Our physical life's goal.

And so then the physical realm is just a place where anything is possible. We all just don't even know it yet. But anything here really is possible. Life is what you make it. And so then also, there are these star kids all around us here now, who are here to help show us this. To "awaken us" and to show all of us how to do this, so to speak.

Comment from : JoJo B.

Stephanie Demloe
Downloaded the app...this guy is great! Love his dry humor
Comment from : Stephanie Demloe

Ryan K
if this is real, i wonder how one would distinguish between imagination and incoming or revelatory psychic knowledge.

for instance, i am trying to uncover any insanely deeply secret underground labs in the world. i want to know about the stramge interspecies dna experiments and extra terrestrial/interdimensional entity evidence analysis...

Comment from : Ryan K

This guy could be the reason behind "Fringe"as a whole TV show!
Amazing stuff.

Comment from : bronzetip

Tee S
I bought Monroe's book "Journeys Out of The Body"...holy shit, I'm getting closer to the information I want to know.
Comment from : Tee S

Jb 318
When can someone claim James Randy's million dollars? If this shit is real?
Comment from : Jb 318

A.k.a demon power, magick.
Comment from : iiXeno

romeo marrero
7:01 so ya just gonna pretend his shadow dont look like a alien and thats why this was banned maybe
Comment from : romeo marrero

tyler maloney
I need a good remove viewer.
Looking for a hollowed out iron wood tree.
ibff@outlook.com or comment here.
Legit, the tree is buried and am looking for it.

Comment from : tyler maloney

Peter Hathaway
Banned eh
Comment from : Peter Hathaway

Ian Szekely
I'm not showing up ! 😆
Comment from : Ian Szekely

Ian Szekely
Everything is a choice
Comment from : Ian Szekely

Ian Szekely
Is it bad to be awake ? Very simple question
Comment from : Ian Szekely

SuckMy SpinningBalls
Yeah, and more metaphysics bullshit. He should have just taken James Randi on his offer. Would have loved to have seen another psychic fail.

Looks like someone overused the word "banned" in some attempt to give this nutjob credit.

Comment from : SuckMy SpinningBalls

He asked near the end, what's more likely, that we fooled the CIA or that we're really psychic? What's more likely? Yeeeahhh, why don't you ask James Randi that lol. He fooled the CIA and their scientists multiple times, and even taught others to do so. SO yeah it's way more likely that you fooled the CIA.
Comment from : KodyXXVll

Lee T
Ha ha your tax dollars hard at work. And took them 25 years to realise oh... this is some pseudo science bullshit!🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Lee T

jim Gaun
not real
Comment from : jim Gaun

Alain Brunet
Bull shit
Comment from : Alain Brunet

Formula Life
I was surprised to see Robert Monroe here, I practice the out of body states and a big fan of Monroe, the key to most of this, is inner peace and inner silence.
Comment from : Formula Life

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